Life Coach Definition:

A Life Coach does for the rest of your life what a Personal Trainer does for your health”


LifeSkills Coaching

Creating Positive Sustainable Change

Through Leadership, Training and Support 


     My name is THERESA STUART; I am a certified Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, and Public Speaker.

     I am here to help YOU to create a life full of abundance, happiness and fulfillment in all areas of YOUR life. To be balanced and confident in YOUR decisions, focused and clear in YOUR pursuits.



     I invite you now to call on my services and benefit from my background and knowledge.

     I will work with you to explore your dreams and turn them into attainable goals. Look for and identify the challenges that might be holding you back and offer ways to meet those challenges in positive and effective ways.

     I will be here every step of the way helping you achieve those goals and making them become YOUR reality. In the end, together, we will congratulate and celebrate your Successes!





Email: [email protected]

Phone: 661.965.7578

Address : P.O. box 1005 Littlerock, Ca.  93543


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Bob Proctor - Mentor, Author, Speaker from the movie "The Secret"

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Les Brown  -  Motivational Speaker, Author, Mentor   


If you have ever read a self-improvement book, you have been told to use affirmations to get the life you really want.

"This is a product that can change your life. Go get it . Don't hesitate -- do it, right now!”
Mary Manin Morrissey, Motivational Speaker, Life Transformer




Excerpt of a poem 


although this is written in the feminine; it applies to all of us at one time or another who have felt stuck, helpless,in a dead end or just unable to see our true worth and passion in life....... 

 ~ When a Woman Finally Realizes~ her True Worth...! ~ "Deep with-in her Heart, she will Swear to be True to herself... She will no longer Settle, for what was Once, (Just ~ ‘OK’)...! Ever so Slowly, thawing the [tightly-bound-ice] en-casing around her fragile and WAR ~T o R n Heart... She becomes Completely Determined {As One Possessed} to Fully and Completely ~ Surrender to 'Self~ Love'... ♥ She can 'then' Become, what she was {Always} meant to Be... Painfully at first, she starts to 'Opening~ Up' and become the Beautiful flower that she always Dreamed ~ and 'Knew' that she ~ should, Could, and WOULD: Be... ♥ Her roots borrow down, deeper and Deeper... searching for, and finally being filling with, the fountain of Living Water & Eternal LIFE... Her Ancient Mysticism pulls precious Jewels & Priceless Pearls of Wisdom, from a Barren & Cracked Soil... Like an Eternal flame, she realizes her Own Source of Sunshine on 'rainy' days... And ever so gracefully she births Joy, Love, Peace and Freedom, into the Hearts of her weak, mournful, and downtrodden Soul...♥ Her Scars are painful reminders of her past... She releases the Emotional pain, but Wears them Proudly...

 ~ When a Woman Realizes~ her True Worth... She ~ Rejoices at Last! The Sun being Risen, the sleeper has Awoken, and 'Is' no longer a voiceless Victim, suffering in plain view... ~ Deception & Manipulation will Never 'sway' her again...! ~ Forever Renewed, and Alive with Hope, Dreams and the Truth... She will Never lie to herself again, how things 'weren't that bad', or that she 'didn't deserve anything better'... Now she will 'Shine forth' like a Million exploding Suns...... ~ by Francis D Griffin...♥


Let me help you to "Shine forth" , become all that you are meant to become. Let me help you over come the obsticles that stand in your way, that make you feel as if you are the slave to life and not its master. With guidance, support, and the right tools, anyone can find their true worth and passion in life. Please allow me to assist you on your road of self discovery. 


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Get from where you are to where YOU want to be...

It’s a passion, it’s a dream, your dream…

It’s your business. It's your LIFE.

Time, money and emotion all invested in making it happen.

Allow me to assist you in gettig there......

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What would you do IF YOU KNEW YOU could not fail ???

 I have had several conversations with friends and colleagues about being brave.

Bravery is defined as having or displaying courage, resolution, or daring; not cowardly or timid. I watched a great video yesterday of a song by Jana Stanfield that captured bravery. I encourage you to go to and watch this video.

It is an awesome reminder of what we can do and have done by feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Think about what you would do if you were brave.

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