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Yes, I'm nice ; No, that does not mean you can walk all over me!!!

Posted by LifeSkills-Coaching on August 19, 2012 at 6:45 PM

We live in a world the seems (and I say seems because it is a perception) to take advantage of us one little piece at a time. There is much to be said for the the giving and the loving here.

Many times people confuse our nice nature or our caring for others as an invitation to take advantage or belittle us for being weak, when we are actualy the strong ones. Those of us that can still show love, affection, caring, and support to others in a time when they are in need of it, are the strongest among us.

Those that shun others in need, are in fact the weak ones, they have nothing to give and can see no purpose in the giving.

Where do you find yourself in the scale of ability to give of your self and your resources to others in their time of need???? this might be a good place to begin to look at the real YOU....

Self assessment is a difficult thing, you are not always going to like what you see, but the GOOD NEWS is this YOU always have the choice and the ability to make a change and do things differently in the future. Life is about changes, and learning... learn about YOU, and show the world your strengths and gifts.

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