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Theresa Stuart

August 17, 2017


And how I got here…..

My name is Theresa Stuart;

     In the following paragraphs, I will share with you a little about myself where I came from, what’s happing now and what my passions are from Coaching to Writing to Natural Health. 

     I want to share with you a little of my background. I feel it is important for me to offer help, guidance and ways to overcome challenges and see things through different perspectives. I am a graduate (with honors) from the School of Hard Knocks, with a Masters degree in single parenting.

I lost most of (89%) my hearing as a result of an illness at the age of 17, requiring I find a way to work and live in the hearing world…. Then I got pregnant and married at 24.

      I was in an extremely unhealthy relationship for 12 years. Always telling myself, "If I change this or fix that, it'll all be fine.”

     That was not the case, as I found out. When you are faced with an abusive relationship (physically, emotionally or both) then it's not ok nothing you do on your own makes it better. There is little that one person can do to affect change in that situation, unless the change is simply to leave it and that is what finally happened in my situation. I had to let go and walk away for the sake of my kids if nothing more.

     I started out happy, positive, fun loving, enthusiastic, and full of life. By the time I had walked away from my marriage, I was NONE of those things. I was depressed, sad, feeling guilty; life wasn't a fun place, but a pointless, hard, difficult task.

     It was nearly impossible to find any reason to get out of bed and difficult to see good in ANYTHING. I would question every decision I made (was it right? maybe I should not make decisions,  or can I even trust me?).  It nearly broke me…. 

It affected my relationships with business colleagues, making it difficult to work at any kind f job, It affected family, friends and worst of all, my children. I was no longer Me, the person who started out as a "whole person” I was not anything close to whole or able to cope with it all.

Along the road to recovery I found many challenges. 

Single parenthood was not what I sought out, but what I found my self faced with, and all the difficulties that come with it.  There were (5) children, (4) of them living with me. We lived in a friends garage at one point, in low income housing at another. We moved a lot while I was trying to balance working, with taking care of 4 children under the age of 8.

The children were facing challenges of their own;

One child was Bipolar and ADHD, which presented a new set of difficulties. Another had complete kidney failure, keeping me in the hospital, for weeks on end. Another was paralyzed from the waist down (as a result contrasting Transversmilitus), again in the hospital, not working for long periods of time and then after dealing with his paralysis, he was kidnapped, held hostage and tortured for a 24 hour period, which came with a lot of emotional trauma, anger and mistrust.

At one point I had a near fatal car accident, from all the injuries and severe bleeding, I should not have survived. However with positive thoughts, perseverance and hard work, I DID survive, This accident, left me wheel chair bound for nearly 8 months, having to relearn to walk. BUT, I am here and I know there is a reason for that. All this happened while my kids were still under 10 and needed their mom to care for them. I felt very alone and very depressed.

Then came a time recently when my now adult children, whom I had taken care of against the odds and had given so much to, including opening my home to them to live in. They all became complacent and took everything for granted that they had been given. ( again my mistake making it easy for them and giving all I had to them) they needed the KNOCKS of life to grow and become better adults, but, I, having lived through all the problems and trials with their respective illnesses and the abuse from my marriage, the affected them too, as well a my car accident and hearing loss, WELL I  just wanted life to be nice for them… Ultimately they took advantage of my kindness and generosity, and completely bled me dry of all my resources, all my finances and I lost every thing I had… and I found myself once again at a cross roads in life where I had to LET GO of what was not serving any of us. I needed to be the one that walked away (tough love instituted) and yet again started over…. If anyone has understanding of begin again it is ME! (2016 starting over) 

I am here now (2017) at 57 years old and although I may be living in a room at someone else's home on $880 a month and recovering from my own recent Kidney Problems and 6 month hospital stay, where I had three surgeries on my kidneys and then the recovery time….I am certain applying all I know will again lift me up and resurrect life into a better place with greater financial freedom and personal fulfillment. 

     I don’t tell you this for your sympathy or your pity, as I want neither. I tell you this so you can see what I’ve been through. The many challenges I have had and continue  to face, and that I know I can make it out whole and in tact. Help and guidance along the way, are the good days, and at times I have felt and still do occasionally feel,  as though no one will ever understand what has and is happening to me and how overwhelming all of it feels, Those are the bad days.

     I am now finally finding ways to leave all of this behind me.  It has become a long process to get ME back, but I am making great strides toward being whole and complete!  I am once again that person who is full of life and vitality; I look forward to each new day. I love my life, both where I am headed, where I have been, for all the difficult lessons along the way.

NOTE:  (all of my children are now well, whole and in a good place, with positive and healthy attitudes and outlooks. They are productive and happy young adults, with families of their own and they are terrific parents, and although some of them still harbor ill feelings from my having to apply tough love to our lives they are all in a better place. And I am moving forward once again. As all fo them make their way all over the USA)

     I want to give back by what I’ve learned over the years. I feel the best way I can do that is to be a LifeSkills Coach and Author. I am looking forward to learning NEW things to facilitate getting me back in a good place financially, and using those funds to help others over come loss and tragedy in there lives, through my own experiences.

I want to author books; coach; educate; and heal others; By providing real time, real world solutions to others facing any challenges that life may throw at them.. I also want to offer real healing techniques and strategies for real people to get the most out of life that is possible for them. I believe 100% in the healing of the human body through alternative means. and I intend to work diligently toward this goal of assisting others in being the best possible person they can be.



Theresa Stuart

Born November 22, 1960

Resides in California, U.S.A.

Email: [email protected] (writing related)


[email protected] (Speaking, Coaching Related)



Theresa has been writing since her Jr. High school days. She is an accomplished public speaker, holds certifications as a Life Coach and Hypnotherapist. 

Theresa works within her community to help those less fortunate,  previously holding a position on the Board of Directors for the local Boys and Girls Club. And working with CPS to offer assistance to parents that have had their children placed for one reason or another.

Theresa has studied Psychology and Business Management at California state University Northridge.  Then went on to study Law at Antelope Valley College. Theresa has recently finished her first book of poetry (now available on; and is working on other projects that include: her first Novel; a book of 100 short stories; and a second edition of her poetry book. 

Theresa is an active member in several organizations;

eWoman’s Network, Brave Heart Woman’s Network and the local Chambers of Commerce.  

She has worked with such speakers as;  

Jack Canfield, Brandon Moreno, and Paul Meyer. 

Ms. Stuart is a graduate of American Alliance of Hypnosis. 

She holds numerous certifications from training programs such as; 

Jack Canfield Breakthrough to Success (BTS), 

Paul Meyers Success Motivation Institute, 

Fowler Wainwright International Coaching Academy, 

Gary Craig EFT instruction along with many others. 

Theresa is versed in Life Coaching, Success Coaching, Behavioral Modification Techniques’; Time Techniques ; EFT, and NLP. She is currently working on learning digital marketing techniques and copy writing for sales and marketing on the web. She is also the driving force behind the Natural health Advocacy, working diligently to let others know there is hope for health beyond traditional western medical practices (leaving toxic chemical based treatments) through alternative methodologies and practices. 

No matter what has happened to you, there are skills that will help you cope and get through even the worst of times and come out a whole, loving person.

     YOU CAN feel fulfilled in every area of your life. YOU CAN BE a person with wonderful relationships, a great career, able to love, feel and care for others.

     I am able to provide resources, support, and guidance as well as the accountability necessary to teach you the skills that will keep you stay focused and feeling like I CAN DO THIS. No matter where you are at present.

     Life Skills Coaching can help you get from where you are, to where you want to be in life. Be that related to family, career or both. I can help you balance all the areas of your life and feel fulfilled and whole. You can have great relationships, wonderful careers, and be healthy, happy, joyful and loving.






BRAVEHEART WOMEN ASSOCIATION (Women in business, Networking, Charity work)

AWH : Awesome Woman's Hub, international and California chapter (empowering women and creating change)


(Previously Held position) ON THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS FOR THE BOYS AND GIRLS CLUBS OF AMERICA(Antelope Valley Chapter)


Psychology Major / Business Minor 


Legal training; Contract law and criminal defense law 





JACK CANFIELD Breakthrough to Success

BTS GRADUATE transformational Coach / Speaker

SMI (Success Motivation Institute) PAUL MEYER 

CERTIFIED GRADUATE: Motivational / Transformational Speaker itle.

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