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Bridging the GAP, between Parents, Children and the Department of children and Family services take time, understnading and above all paitentence. It is a frightening and huge upheaval of life as you have known it, at least in the beining, But i doesn't have to be.

I have been there done that and can show you how to cope and make the best of a difficult situation, get the desired outcome you are looking for. Also,  show you that there is NO real bad guy here to fight, just a series of things that need to be accompished for all parties involved to get what they desire most (what is best for the children).


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Thank you for stopping by our Donations page. LifeSkills-Coaching is dedicated to helping children and families within the DCFS network(Dept of Children and Family Services)  and those on the streets alone.  
We will provide selected deserving families and individuals with clothes for school age children, backpacks and school supplies and fund to chosen children on field trips and learning trips during the upcoming school year. 
Any Donation is appreciated. These kids are usually involved in the system not by choice, but because of family disfunction's, Parental drug problems or abuse issues within the home.  
LifeSkills-Coaching wants to give back and offer assistance to deserving families In the immediate area. many of these kids have no clothes for school, and no way to raise the funds for them. Or for the supplies needed during the year. most of them will never get to be on the cheerleading team or play sports it is just too cost prohibitive for the families, WE try to Bridge the Gap. 
We also Teach art and music, as well as provide, occasional meals to families in need.  Kind of like a meals on wheels program for kids on the street, in substandard housing, or whose parents have tossed them out on their own, with little or no resources.  
PLEASE help us help them... thanks for your support and we look forward to hearing from you. 

Theresa Stuart  Director and Head Coach LifeSkils-Coaching   

please send DONATIONS to 

PO BOX 1005

Littlerock, CA 93543



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What would you do IF YOU KNEW YOU could not fail ???

 I have had several conversations with friends and colleagues about being brave.

Bravery is defined as having or displaying courage, resolution, or daring; not cowardly or timid. I watched a great video yesterday of a song by Jana Stanfield that captured bravery. I encourage you to go to and watch this video.

It is an awesome reminder of what we can do and have done by feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Think about what you would do if you were brave.

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