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   "Create a different future for yourself with more satisfaction, excitement and confidence. By overcoming the obstacles to your success, you can reach new levels of achievement."

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Coaching Options


   The best way to reach your full potential is through a personal one-on-one coaching that helps overcome blockages and develop strategies for reaching your goals.

   The exact type of coaching will depend on your goals, your budget and your level of ambition – as well as on the specific issues you want to address. 

   We offer a range of different packages to meet your needs:

  • Starter Package: This package offers 55 minute telephone/online chat coaching sessions, two (2) sessions, over one month.

   It allows you to address some key issues quickly and gives you the chance to get a feel for some core concepts and methodologies of the coaching process. $880.00 usd.

  • Actualization Package: This package gives you three (3) - 55 minute coaching sessions per month for three months.

   Each session will be designed to suit your specific needs, challenges and goals at that time. You will also be given assignments on each call to help you make progress. In addition to the telephone calls, you have regular weekly accountability emails to maximize progress between calls. These sessions can be online chat or in person. $1425.00 usd.

  • Full Preformance Package: This package gives you four (4) - 55 minute coaching sessions per month for three months.

   Each session will be designed to suit your specific needs, challenges and goals at that time. You will also be given assignments on each call to help you make progress. In addition to the telephone calls, you have unlimited accountability emails to maximize daily progress between calls. optional online chat or in person. $2450.00 usd.(best value)


*** Research has shown that it takes 21 days to change a habit and 90 days to change behavior so the Actualization and Full Performance packages include a minimum three month commitment. We want you to develop habits and disciplines that sustain success! ***
  • Transformational / Breakthrough SessionThis allows you to spend a full day (up to 10 hours) working on your success strategies, goals and action steps as well as focusing on any blocks holding you back.

   This can work especially well if you want to jumpstart a project or goal. It will be an intensive action packed day that lets you take action and achieve results right away. $975.00 usd



Many of our clients choose to begin with a transformational / Breakthrough Session and then continue with one of the coaching packages to maintain momentum.


  • Are YOU ready to make big transformations in your life quickly?
  • A Personal Breakthrough Session may be just what you need to learn about!

   Can you imagine how your life will change when you finally get rid of the blocks that have been holding you back and create a clear path to achieving the dreams you’ve held for years?


People are often surprised HOW QUICKLY AND EASILY



   When you decide today to experience a session with a Breakthrough Coach with suitable training and experience, you’ll find they help you identify and overcome obstacles that have been preventing you from achieving success – obstacles you may not even be aware of but which a suitably-qualified Coach can help you deal with once and for all.


Using specialized but proven techniques such as:

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • The Sedona Method®
  • and other proven Techniques your breakthrough coach can help YOU ACHIEVE INSTANT TRANSFORMATION AND CHANGE.

Here are some of the major changes you can make in a Breakthrough Session:

  • Align Your Life With Your Values: Sometimes the reason we don’t get what we want in life is that we don’t know what we want – or we think we want something that really isn’t in alignment with our authentic selves.
  • A Breakthrough Session will help you understand why you may not have reached those goals in the past, and will help you define the right goals for the future so that you are set up to achieve them
  • Setting (and Achieving) Goals: Many people have tried setting goals in the past but have given up in frustration because they didn’t get what they wanted so that it aligns with who you really are.

  • Eliminating Obstacles: Many of us are held back from success because of negative emotions, limiting decisions or disempowering beliefs from our past.The fact is we are often not even aware of these obstacles, we just know we are not getting where we want to go. Your Breakthrough Session will help you identify and eliminate these obstacles surprisingly quickly.
  • Resolving Inner Conflict: Sometimes inner conflicts can either hold us back from success or prevent us from enjoying it when we attain it. For example many people believe they don’t deserve to make a lot of money or they feel it’s morally wrong. Others never find love because of some inner turmoil.
  • In your Breakthrough Session, we will use a wide range of advanced techniques – such as the Sedona Method®, NLP and Hypnosis to eliminate those conflicts so you can realize your ultimate potential.


Follow Up  and /or  Ongoing Support


After you schedule a Personal Breakthrough Session, you can always add on a coaching package or meet one hour at a time at my regular hourly rate. 


***The Personal Breakthrough Session does not include follow-up personal coaching. However, to give you ongoing motivation and encouragement to achieve your objectives, consider upgrading to a full coaching program for continued, personal one-on-one support. Many of our clients find this provides the momentum they need to REACH NEW LEVELS OF SUCCESS.***



***Please ask about our payment plans on all three month programs 


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